A Single Call for Full Service Maintenance

With ever-increasing frequency, it seems our lives are being programmed into specialized compartments. From grocery shopping to dining out, from fitness to entertainment, so much of what we do or consume comes from some definitive niche of society. It could be adults lining up for the latest food fad or exercise craze, or youth sports […]

Quick Tips for Managing Multiple Locations

Managing a business brings with it a great deal of parallels to being a parent. While it certainly is a labor of love, running the shop is an unrelenting stream of tasks, maintenance and caregiving, the need for which may arise at any time of day. Constant attention is required and an indefatigable spirit is […]

Regular Maintenance – The Key to a Great First Impression

Without giving it a thought, each of us goes through a series of daily rituals dedicated to the upkeep of our personal health, hygiene and appearance. From brushing our teeth to tying our shoelaces before heading out the door, these actions are carried out by instinct; they are all second nature. But for a moment, […]

Notes from the Restaurant Facilities Management Association Annual Conference

The RFMA 2017 Annual Conference was once again an incredibly valuable way to spend a few days. With such a wealth of restaurant maintenance experience and expertise under one roof, it was easy to come away with new insights and ideas for improving operations. The conference organizers always do a terrific job setting things up […]

Avoid Murphy’s Law Moments with Regular Restaurant Maintenance

Compressors break. Leaks happen. Pipes burst. To repair those issues requires a trained, skilled expert. But there are measure to take to reduce the likelihood of incurring such an issue, and such a cost. Along with the quality of the food and service, constant upkeep and restaurant maintenance is vital to running a successful business. […]

Fire Safety Systems – Tips to Avoid Bad Inspections

For obvious reasons, fire safety is one of the most important – if not the most essential – aspects of keeping your operation running.  When it comes to facilities management, the very sound of the words “fire safety” triggers an alarm inside those responsible for keeping a business location running. Or at least it certainly […]

Your Restaurant Needs to Pay Attention to Facilities Maintenance

Contact Us Online Form – 1Stop_Maintenance_Contact There are companies who specialize in outsourced maintenance management for this reason. They are already set up with all the components of a proper maintenance program, including a contractor network. This option will help you since it eliminates the time necessary to set up your own maintenance program the […]

The Importance of Regular Window Maintenance

Why yearly window maintenance is so important Simply following the short guidelines included here will not only result in the continued proper operation of the windows, but also maintain any remaining factory warranty. Commercial and architectural window products are available in a broader range of materials and styles than ever before, yet one thing remains […]

4 Reasons to Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Earlier this year, 1 Stop Maintenance surveyed hundreds of facilities professionals about their business. HVAC maintenance was the ranked the most important service item. When asked about the frequency of emergency maintenance, half of the respondents replied ‘Weekly’ or ‘HELP!!!’ Most people do not realize that an HVAC system is like a car – it […]