Regular Maintenance – The Key to a Great First Impression

Without giving it a thought, each of us goes through a series of daily rituals dedicated to the upkeep of our personal health, hygiene and appearance.

From brushing our teeth to tying our shoelaces before heading out the door, these actions are carried out by instinct; they are all second nature. But for a moment, consider the opposite. Imagine partaking in your day of business meetings, personal interactions or your commute to and from work without having showered or while wearing dirty clothes. Unthinkable, right? For obvious reasons.

Yet the same insistence does not always apply when it comes to the presentation of your office, retail shop or restaurant. No matter the setting of your workplace, the goal of the business is to generate revenue. No matter the business, this is done by creating an environment appealing to clients and potential new customers. The quality of the product may be the ultimate driving force but the aesthetic look and feel goes a long way toward the emotional look and feel felt by those supporting your business.

Reduce the risk of losing customers by developing a schedule of general maintenance for your shop or office.

Exactly like the routine you follow each day and night, a regimented set of checks and attention will keep your business looking sharp, updated and most of all, like it cares. Even if it’s a few things per day, give yourself a specific path to follow on a daily or weekly basis.

Accidents, error, human contact and general wear and tear will begin to erode the consistency and quality of everything from floors to doors to chairs and tables, etc. Adhering to a set schedule will help put you on a more regimented path to maintain the quality of your upkeep. These more frequently you are checking is the more easily you will find — and be able to fix — the little details paramount to setting your business apart from the competition.

Stay of the mindset that someone is visiting your store, restaurant or office for the first time. Even if you know that shelf broke, glass cracked or rug was stained a few hours prior, it was still the first impression given to a potential client. No, you can’t plan for an accidental spill, but regularly maintaining all the little things will put you in better position to best present the big things.