How Banks Can Save Money On Maintenance

One of the things that might not be a first priority for the banking industry is maintenance and repair.

Yes, they know it needs to be done, but given that banking is not commonly associated with the necessary equipment it needs to function, maintenance may be more likely to be treated as an afterthought, as a problem to deal with when the time comes. This is woefully inefficient. There are so many different forms of maintenance that a business needs in order to function. These include:

  • Basic custodial services.
  • Routine exterior painting of buildings and interior painting of public and common areas.
  • General building repairs.
  • Maintenance of building life-safety and security alarm systems, and systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and lighting.
  • Pest control.
  • Care of trees and shrubbery, lawns, sidewalks and snow removal.
  • Maintenance and repair of door locks and door hardware

For banks specifically, the most important aspects have to do with security and with maintenance of the doors. However, all of the other aspects of maintenance still have to be performed in order to for the business to remain in adequate shape.

With individual piecemeal maintenance, it’s virtually impossible to develop relationships with the people who you depend on to keep your lights on, both literally and figuratively.  Depending on the problem that needs fixing, you have to deal with an entirely different business. Do you really want to deal with so many different entities? Keep waiting for each one to show up? Pay so many individual fees?

Banks need to be able to know the people who are coming to help them. They need reliable and dependable commitment that they will not get from a myriad of firms only focused on one issue each. They can only get that with a genuine and secure business partnership, saving them the headache of exorbitant fees and giving them the security they need to keep going.