•  Upholstery Maintenance
  • Wood Restoration and Maintenance



case StudY : Restaurants

Upholstery Cleaning


Create a cleaning program for restaurants throughout the US with soiled and/or damaged seating.


Maintaining upholstery was becoming a challenge for this restaurant chain. 1 Stop’s team visited numerous locations to research the fabric and determined that there were several different materials used and each required a different cleaning regimen. The resulting upholstery maintenance program helped create a fresher look for the restaurants and was directly attributable to an increase in sales.

Wood Restoration


Provide wood restoration services to restaurant chain with locations throughout the US.


The décor of this restaurant chain included a large amount of varied wood materials. The organization was having difficulty meeting the challenge of caring for the wood as the restaurants aged. 1 Stop implemented their unique wood restoration and maintenance service throughout the US and the restaurants now all look newer and cleaner. An immediate increase in sales was directly attributable to the updated look in the locations. The high standard of the restoration will be maintained with 1 Stop’s scheduled maintenance program.